Grapes are growing well

We had zero Celsius a couple of days ago. Is it really summer? For a brazilian, it is colder than winter…

But even here, despite of being summer, this is not an usual one. Temperatures are lower this year than average. We had some serious frosts this spring that compromised blossom, this meaning we had less flowers, and consequentely less bunches.

This is not unusual at Casablanca, but it keep us a little preoccupied. And despite we are newcomers at the valley, analising temperature data it´s easy to see it is not following its common path.

Bunches coming for the 2011 harvest

But that´s ok, after all it´s just a matter of quantity, as quality probably will increase and be great. Things are going fine by now. Bunches are coming, and we expect autumn anxiously.

Meanwhile, we are making the bags for Punta Arenas and Torres del Paine. I’m anxious to go down there…