Sauvignon Blanc “caipirinha”

Ok, we´re brazilians right? If there is another beverage we really love, that is caipirinha. And obviously, as we are not so purists in this subject, we make caipirinha from whatever have juice.

Having these great Sauvignon Blanc on hands we´ve tried a version of it.

Letting you know that it is ok, but frankly there are other much better options. I had this itchy sensation on the tongue for hours.

How we did it

  • 75ml of vodka (we did not used cachaça, as the good ones does not exist here)
  • 1bunch of Sauvignon Blanc
  • 2 Sweetener tablets (we are light people)
  • Ice cubes

Add grapes and sweetener on a cocktail jar. Crush and shake with with the vodka and ice. Serve on a tall glass.