Sucre is at the Wine Spectator

Sucre Gran Reserva baixaWe are really crazy and passionate about cool coastal wines, but sometimes we also want a really nice Cabernet Sauvignon or Carmenere to drink, wouldn´t you? After all, we have so nice lamb around here, and the Chilean beef from the south is just amazing. And YES we are wine geeks…I have to confess…

That´s why we also make some Cab Sauv and Carmenere. We call them Sucre, and their grapes come from the warmer valleys of Chile, notably Colchagua and Maule. Nowadays, Sucre is available in Brazil, Chile, Belgium and Luxembourg.

So let me tell you something about one of the Sucre (as I did not write the tech sheets yet – ups!). The Sucre Gran Reserve Carmenere comes from a vineyard located at a particular site called Loncomilla Valley, near the River with the same name, in the Maule Valley. This is one of the places with more history in Chilean winemaking, and some vines are older than a century. The vinification was traditional, and the ageing was carried at used french barrels during 24 months.

And I´m writing about it today because we just realized Wine Spectator wrote a note about it. Can not say I completely agree with the rating, but c´mon, it´s the very first review at Wine Spectator. Thumbs up!!

Wine Spectator - Sucre GR Carmenere


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