MOVIng in October – Part 1

2013-10-10 19.06.46

Being part of the MOVI (Moviment of Independent Vintners) board is one of the things I really enjoy. MOVI advocates for wines made on a human scale, with proprietors being directly involved in the winemaking process.

And this October has been really busy of activities for MOVI. At the 10th we received six wine and food journalists from Latin America. From Panamá came Esther María Arjona Coronado (EGO, Diario LA Estrella), from Uruguay we welcomed Martín Viggiano Simón (El Observador), from Costa Rica, Edgar Arturo Silva Loaiciga (Buen Día), from the neighbor country Perú we´ve met Catherine Contreras (El Comercio), from Venezuela arrived Adriana Gibbs (Diario El Universal / Revista Estampas) and from Colombia German Arias (RCN TV).

As one of the MOVI representatives, it was great meeting them at the White Rabbit, a gastro-pub in Santiago. Chad and Peter, the owners, prepared a delicious snacking, which were perfect for the wines and chatting. Check on the photos:

Tks for your comments. We´ll be back to you soon.

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