MOVI: Rebels with a cause, by Eduardo Brethauer

As you are probably aware, we are active members of MOVI, the Movement of Independent Vintners in Chile. And that´s why we leave you with this great report made by Eduardo Brethauer, a well respect Chilean wine writer and editor for Vitis Magazine.

He begins his text just like this: “After five years, Movimiento de Viñateros Independientes – MOVI (Chile’s Movement for Independent Vintners), the association of small producers that raised the flag of winemaking on a human scale is consolidating the model of associativity, both in commercial and communication terms. Today, their wines account for 0.05% of Chilean sales abroad; yet, their contribution to building a closer and more diverse image for local winemaker has been immeasurable.”capa

He also tasted one wine of each MOVI member, and seemed to adore our Tunquen Malbec. He states:Brazilian husband and wife winemakers Marcos Attilio and Angela Mochi fell madly in love with Casablanca, where they have developed their passion for cuisine and delicate and pungent wines. Such is the case of this juicy, spicy, round, and deeply red Malbec from El Mirador. A wine fermented with no rush. A wine to fall in love with.”

You can reach the full report (both in English and Spanish) just clicking in the image above.

PS: it´s just starting to rain in Casablanca this afternoon, the first of the year 🙂 Hope we have a lot of it in this winter…

Tks for your comments. We´ll be back to you soon.

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