Jamie Goode tasted MOVI (and ours) wines

Tunquen Pinot Noir Jamie GoodeAs a proud member of MOVI, the Movement of Independent Vintners, I have no idea why I just forgot to share with you this wonderful news when it came to my knowledge. It happens that Jamie Goode tasted one wine of each MOVI member some months ago, and he reported it in his website his findings.

And it´s a pleasure to share his opinions. Take a look:

“One thing that Chile’s wine scene has lacked: boutique wineries. In most new world countries, it’s the small, pioneering wineries that have led. But in Chile, everything has been on quite a large scale. Wineries owned by rich dudes with hundreds of hectares of vineyards each. It’s hard to be interesting and dynamic when you are huge, and sometimes Chile’s wines have been a bit safe and boring.

For this reason, I was delighted to taste this line up of wines from winegrowers who are part of MOVI (Movimiento de Viñateros Independientes), an association of small independent wineries. When MOVI was formed years ago there were 12 members; now there are 20. That’s encouraging, as were some of these wines.

This is just a start. It would be nice to see more small producers in Chile making small scale, interesting, authentic wines. “

And if this is not good enough, what about having 94 Points for the Tunquen Pinot Noir? I may tell you: It’s awesome!!! Below you can find the review:

Attilo & Mochi Tunquen Pinot Noir 2011 Casablanca, Chile
Lovely sweet, pure liqueur-like cherry fruit nose. Fine, aromatic and inviting. The palate is silky and textured with lovely acidity and great precision. Some spicy structure with real elegance. 94/100

The full report you can read at his site www.WineAnorak.com

Tks for your comments. We´ll be back to you soon.

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