Sucre is a TOP 100 Wines of the Andes, by James Suckling

US James SucklingJames Suckling just released his first Andes Top 100 wines. It’s a list of the best wines he tasted in 2014 from Chile and Argentina. He tasted aprox 2.000 wines during his 2 trips to both countries, and I had the pleasure of being with James in Chile to show him the Attilio & Mochi range and also the wines of our MOVI friends. What a pleasure was to read his article and, among the 41 wines of Chile, 9 of them are MOVI, including our Sucre Carmenere.

The other MOVI wines that are part of the Top 100 are: Polkura Syrah 2010, Von Siebenthal Carabantes 2011, Garcia Schwaderer Syrah Sofia 2012, Villard Syrah Tanagra 2011, Gillmore Carignan Vigno 2011, Garage Wine & Co Cabernet Franc Lot #26 2010, Villard Pinot Noir Grand Vin 2011 and Armidita Pajarete 2012.

And if you´re curious to know all the rates for the Chilean and Argentinian 2.000 wines, please visit the site.


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