A TREMENDOUS PINOT NOIR – 8.4* on the Richter Scale

On Sep 16th, a 8.4 magnitude earthquake on the Richter Scale struck Chile at 7: 55PM. We were finishing bottling a lot of Tunquen Pinot Noir, and already thinking about the Fiestas Patrias holidays, the famous Dieciocho (September 18th). Barbecue, lamb, wine, pisco sours….

Suddenly, the bottles that were still standing began to shake, the floor shaking, tanks and barrels to move inside the bodega: EARTHQUAKE !!!

As much as we are used, this was stronger, and what impressed me most: it was much loooonger. Endless. This video is 1:35min and I started filming when the quake was already strong. Really, still do not know how long it lasted.

The quality of the video is terrible, it was recorded with the phone and – imagine – during a moment of pure tension.

Either way, the registry lasts. For those who want, just ask: WE HAVE THE MOST TREMENDOUS PINOT NOIR OF WORLD !!!

Oh, and excuse my French, but at this time we could not find elegant words :-p

Tks for your comments. We´ll be back to you soon.

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