About Us

We are winemakers, passionate for each other, and for what we accomplish.

My husband having fun
My husband having fun

Wine and food addicts, these passions have always guided our lives. Our common history begins more than 20 years ago when we both were attending classes at the UNICAMP Faculty of Food Engineering, in Brazil. From there on, Angela worked at P&G and Marcos specialized himself on fermentation. Later on, we had a restaurant, a wine shop and also a wine importer company. We took to Brazilian people wines from all over the world, and this experience allowed us to taste many different wine styles and countless bottles, keep in our memory the ones we liked most.

My wife working

We have always been restless. We love new challenges, and creating wines that reflected our personality came as a natural next step on this road.

Between this and that, when we begun to think the way we wanted our wines to be, the first definition, the most important, and the one that will always be our guiding principle, is that these wines be born with unique characteristics, multi-layered, because like humans, a complex wine is much more interesting.

This guideline was the compass, and because we knew that to achieve this goal we had to get high-quality grapes, with more expression, slow ripening, choosing Casablanca to live was absolutely natural.

Not using new barrels in reds or any other stratagem meant to conceal the merits of nature, is merely the consequence of that choice.

Generate very small and limited batches is also part of our philosophy, so we can personally take care and even execute ourselves all stages of winemaking, and allow the characteristics we like, make them so unique.

And because we defend the idea that wine must have a personal character, we are active members of MOVI, the Chilean Movement of Independent Vintners.