We are Marcos Attilio and Angela Mochi, a Brazilian couple, both Food Engineers who have been in the wine business since 1999. Back in 2011 we left our home country to build a dream in the Casablanca Valley.

Since then, we planted a small vineyard with 8 varieties, including the first Grenache in the Valley and we have been crafting high quality, cool-climate wines that speak to the terroir.

Our hands are in every part of the process, from vineyard to bottling. We care for the environment and are sustainable focused.

Logo MoviBecause we challenge to show less-known aspects of the mosaic of Chilean wine and replace the emphasis on “quality-for-the-price” with “real quality”, we are active members of MOVI, the Movement of Independent Vintners.

We live with Franc our charming black Labrador.


Franc is a Chilean Labrador retriever, son of a Brazilian champion. The only problem is that Franc doesn’t think he is a lab…he is pretty sure he is the boss!!

When we met Franc for the first time, he was very shy, trying to escape from everyone and hiding behind other dogs. Marcos felt that this was a puppy that needed attention and it would be great to have him our lives. He was totally correct.

Franc is not afraid of anyone or anything, and barks for everyone: to the neighbor’s little dog, to all the people who arrive here (including family and friends – what a shame!). He is our best friend and the best boss we could ever imagine having!!

Ale was our lovely golden retriever
(RIP 2015)

Ale is fun, looking for friends in all places and the best part of her day is when we are playing and throwing her balls. She loves that.

The first time I met her, she was in one of those horrible cages, and despite being trapped, she was cheerful, jumping, and eager to play with us. It was love at first sight …

She is the perfect opposite of Franc. He is serious, she is the light, fun, empty-headed. He does not allow people to pet him, she lies down and looooves to be petted. He barks at everyone, she takes her toys, wanting to welcome and play with everybody. He is careful, she gets in trouble all the time.

And she is pure charm, granting us and Franc and a lot of work and fun every day.