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The Wine

Experimental Series

Saudade! The nostalgia of great moments spent in the company of Port wine was the reason we created DulceFuerte. As Brazilians, we were so used to drink it after dinner, but we could not find it to buy in Chile!!

It is a blend of 66% Malbec and 34% Syrah from the 2015 vintage, both grapes macerated for 3 weeks and just after the alcoholic fermentation started, it was interrupted on the third day, when we added grape spirit, raising the alcoholic strength up to 18.5°GL. Under these conditions, yeasts are inactivated and stop fermenting. On the other hand, as there was still lots of nonfermented sugar in the must, it kept its original luxurious sweetness in a natural way. After fortification, we aged it in used barrels for 3 and a half years. This wine is prone to present sediments on the bottom.


2018 Harvest 

  • 90 Points Marcos Attilio y Angela Mochi se declaran admiradores de los vinos fortificados (con alcohol añadido) de Oporto. Y como Chile es un mercado poco receptivo al estilo, ellos decidieron hacer su propio oporto en Casablanca, mezclando dos tercios de malbec y un tercio de syrah, con alcohol añadido dejando unos 90 gramos de azúcar. El vino tiene buena acidez y dulces sabores a chocolate. Para un postre… con chocolate. (Descorchados)
Attilio Mochi DulceFuerte


Vintage 2015
Appellation Casablanca Valley
Production 6 barrels (1.800 bottles)
Varieties 66% Malbec, 34% Syrah
Alcohol Content 18.5°GL
Residual Sugar 90g/L