Franc and Ale

Franc is a chilean labrador retriever, son of a brazilian champion. 

FrancThe only issue is that Franc does not think he is a labrador…In fact, he is convinced to be like a german sheppard or maybe any other of these ferocious big dogs. When we first met Franc, he was really shy, trying to escape from everybody and hidding himself behind other dogs. Marcos felt he was a little puppy that needed attention and would be great to have him with us, and he was absolutelly right.

He’s not afraid of anyone nor anything, and barks for all, from the neighbor’s small dog, going through all the people who arrives (even family and friends – what a shame!!)  to the monstrous machines that work the land. He is the best guard we could imagine!

He is also lovely to us on his own shy way, and is Ale´s best friend, taking great care of her at most unusual circustances.

Ale is our lovely aleatory golden retriever (R.I.P. 2015)


Ale is fun, looks for friends at every place and the best part of her day is when we´re throwing her balls. She loves that.

First time we met her, she was on those horrible cages, and despite being stuck on that, she was cheerful, jumping, and wanting to play with us. It was love at first sight…

She is the perfect opposite to Franc. He is serious, she is light, fun, empty-headed. He never asks for caress, she lays down and with her feet, tries to have us with her all the time. He barks at everyone, she takes her ball, wanting to welcome and play with everyone. He is careful, she gets in trouble all the time.

And she is pure charm, granting us and Franc a lot of work everyday.


Franc and Ale were featured at the Brazilian “Cães Amigos” magazine. This was a story about dogs and people who love wine.