Tunquen is the reason why we decided to change our lives and came to make high quality wines in Chile.

It´s a beach located at the shore of Casablanca, and is the only one at the Litoral Central that is still savage. There are just a few houses there, and all of them get energy from the sun and water through wells. It was also one of the most remote places, as internet and cell phones got there only by 2011 – unfortunately, by the way. It is also a place extremely affected by the Humboldt Current. This means morning fog and cold breezes all day long. Basically, it is heaven on earth…

By naming TUNQUEN to our wines, we want to keep this state of mind nearby all year around.

Tunquen Sauvignon Blanc bottle
Tunquen Sauvignon Blanc
Tunquen Malbec
Tunquen Cabernet Franc
Tunquen Pinot Noir bottle
Tunquen Pinot Noir
Tunquen Syrah bottle
Tunquen Syrah