Tunquen and Sucre

Tunquen Syrah bottleTunquen Pinot Noir bottleTunquen Sauvignon Blanc bottle

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Tunquen is the reason we came to Chile. It is the best place on earth when you want to relax and keep your thoughts away…

It´s located at the shore of Casablanca, and is the only beach on the Litoral Central that is still savage. There are just a few houses there, and all of them get energy from the sun and water from the subsoil, through wells. It was also one of the most remote places, as internet and cell phones got there only by 2011 – unfortunately, by the way. It is also a place extremely affected by the Humboldt Current. This means morning fog and cold breezes all day long. Basically, it is heaven on earth…

By naming TUNQUEN to our wines, we want to keep this state of mind nearby all year around.

Sucre Reserva Carmenere recortada mediaSucre Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon recortada mediaSucre Reserva Cabernet Syrah recortado medio Sucre Gran Reserva carmenere Recortada media

“Click the bottle to get access to the tech sheet”

SUCRE are the first wines we´ve made in Chile, back in 2006, while still living in Brazil. The very first “winemaking adventure”, some years before be bitten by the Tunquen bug.

Its grapes come from the most traditional wine valleys of Chile, vineyards located between the Andes and the Cordillera de la Costa (coastal mountain range). These varietals are also the most emblematic of the country, and in the Sucre range we seek to produce wines that refers to our beginnings in this amazing country. If our TUNQUEN wines are the representation of the cold Chilean coast, SUCRE reminds us of the hot summer days in the southern Colchagua and Maule regions.

The poet Carlos Covarrubias was inspired by love and the Chilean sky when he wrote this poem specially to SUCRE

“Dicen que las estrellas del sur rugen de día, hablan de noche, gimen al amanecer.
Dicen que esperan, que ansian, que siempre están atentas al amor de los hombres.
Cuentan que sólo de ahí les nace el fulgor y el brillo.
La esperanza es fresca, la sorpresa tímida, nosotros incautos como las alas de la risa;
Tu matinal desplegando las fragancias de la noche brava”