Sucre Reserva Carmenere

Sucre Reserva Carmenere recortada mediaSucre is born on the most traditional wine valleys of Chile, vineyards located between the two big mountain ranges: the Andes and its smaller sister, the Cordillera de la Costa (coastal mountain range).

Its grapes are also the most emblematic of the country, and in the Sucre range we seek to produce wines that refers to our beginnings in this amazing country. If our Tunquen wines are the representation of the cold Chilean coast, Sucre reminds us of the hot summer days in the southern Colchagua and Maule regions.

Assinaturas ordem Angela e Marcos

The poet Carlos Covarrubias was inspired by love and the Chilean sky when he wrote this poem specially to SUCRE

“Dicen que las estrellas del sur rugen de día, hablan de noche, gimen al amanecer.
Dicen que esperan, que ansian, que siempre están atentas al amor de los hombres.
Cuentan que sólo de ahí les nace el fulgor y el brillo.
La esperanza es fresca, la sorpresa tímida, nosotros incautos como las alas de la risa;
Tu matinal desplegando las fragancias de la noche brava”

GRAPE VARIETAL  100% Carmenere
SOURCE  Chile (Colchagua Valley)
CLIMATE Mediterranean, rainy and cool winters. Hot and dry during summer, progressing to lower temperatures in the fall. These characteristics favor the development of color in red wines, as well the evolution of flavor and matured tannins.
SOIL sandy loam with good drainage
VINEYARDS and WINEMAKING The vineyard is planted in trellis, and delivers an average yield of 9.500kg/ha. Harvest was done manually, and this occurred in the earlier days of May. The vinification is traditional and starts with a pre-fermentation maceration at 5°C for 5 days. Then, the fermentation in stainless steel tanks at 26-30°C for a period of 10 days, followed by another maceration for 5 days. Aging was mainly with French oak for 10 months. To keep its best characteristics, we did not filter it, and that is why you can find some deposits inside.
PH  3.6


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