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The 2011 season was a really cold one. Frosts by November and December slowed the maturation process, and the vineyard just showed full flavor two weeks after the usual period. Its parcel is located at the western side of the Casablanca Valley, and the grapes were hand-picked on the foggy mornings of March 29th and April 8th. We hand-selected the grapes, destemmed and let them on cold soak. I performed the punch down myself, to ensure it to be really gentle. Fermentation was natural and a nine day extended maceration period was carried on. Because we prefer more elegant wines, we did not use new barrels. Racked to three and five years old French barriques, the wine undergone malo naturally, and was left to age on the lees during 12 months, integrating oak gracefully and allowing berry and rich mineral earth tones to dominate flavor. This is the first Pinot we make, and it was a great start for my husband and me.

Assinaturas ordem Angela e Marcos

Angela´s Note  The punch-downs generally are Marcos´s job, but for the Pinot we changed rules, as we wanted them to be gentle, feminine. It was great, no gym needed for the rest of the month. It also was really worthy, as the wine resulted really soft on the palate.

Place Casablanca Valley is located in central Chile, along the 68 Route that connects Santiago, the country capital, and Valparaiso, a Unesco World Heritage Site. The vineyard is placed at the western side of the valley, and because it is also the coldest sector, these grapes tend to mature some days later then the average. Soil has a top surface of dark clay.

Climate Casablanca has a very mild Mediterranean climate. Growing season is essentially dry, but the Valley is famous by the fogs the Humboldt Current brings during most part of the year. This is the key influence factor that keeps temperature so low in the region and causes a really slow maturation period to the grapes.

2011 Season A quite intense winter and heavy frosts in the spring gave way to a summer of moderate temperatures in the 2011 season. These conditions led vines to reduce their yields naturally, and  grapes to develop their plenitude within two weeks of delay in relation to regular harvests. It was also a very dry year (210mm), the second one in a row.

Winemaking We harvested the two Pinot Noir parcels separately, the first  on March 29th and the second on April 8th. The bunches were hand selected, and them 90% of them destemmed and 10% entered as whole. During 6 days the grapes were on cold soak with pumping over 3 times/day. The fermentation was natural, temperatures around 25oC, on small 1.000L bins and on a stainless steel tank, with really gentle punch downs and pumping over. When fermentation was finished, we drop the temperatures and conducted a 9 day extended maceration. Racked to 3 and 5 years old mixed brands french barriques, the wine undergone malolatic fermentation naturally, and we let it age during 12 months.


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