Tunquen Sauvignon Blanc

Tunquen Sauvignon Blanc bottle

7 Barrels produced

The 2012 season was a hot one, in fact the hottest over the last 30 years here in the Casablanca Valley. And this was a big challenge, as the right picking date is crucial to get a lively, crisp wine. That is why we chose to anticipate harvesting, hand picking the bunches in the morning of March 15th. The vineyard is located at the Western side of the Valley, and this is a 100% Sauvignon Blanc wine. At the winery the bunches were hand selected, destemmed and pressed gently. Selected yeasts worked hard to give us this wine that fermented at low temperatures in small 300 liter stainless steel barrels. Looking forward a mouthfilling wine, we stirred the lees weekly and maintained them in contact with the wine until bottling. No oak aging. We strongly recommend this wine to be drunk between 10-15oC / 50-60oF.

Marcos´s Note  Drink this wine between 10 and 15ºC. We got a really nice wine, and it should delight you with its white roses, apple and mineral notes, great mouth and acidity

Place Casablanca Valley is located in central Chile, along the 68 Route that connects Santiago, the country capital, and Valparaiso, a Unesco World Heritage Site. The vineyard is placed at the western side of the valley, and because it is also the coldest sector, these grapes tend to mature some days later then the average. Soil has a top surface of dark clay.

Climate Casablanca has a very mild Mediterranean climate. Growing season is essentially dry, but the Valley is famous by the fogs the Humboldt Current brings during most part of the year. This is the key influence factor that keeps temperature so low in the region and causes a really slow maturation period to the grapes.

2012 Season Following the 2011 season, wich was the coldest season in the history of the Casablanca Valley, we were challenged by the 2012, which happened to be the hottest one. It`s not easy to play that way 🙂

Winemaking On March 15th by hand. At the winery, the bunches were hand selected, 100% destemmed and pressed gently. Five day cold soak on a free Oxygen environment and temperatures between 5 and 7oC. The alcoholic fermentation was conducted by selected yeasts , around 14oC, in small 300 liter stainless steel barrels. When the fermentation was over, we racked the wine with its fine lees, taking off the gross lees. These lees were stirred frequently, like once a week, and maintained in the barrels until bottling. We did not do malolactic fermentation nor oak aging.or oak aging.


  • 91 Points Descorchados Guide (Chile, Patricio Tapia)
  • 90 Points Descorchados Guide (Chile, Patricio Tapia) – 2011 Vintage
  • 88 Points Mujer y Vino Guide (Chile) – 2011 Vintage

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Tunquen Sauvignon Blanc 2011 Label / Rótulo / Etiqueta

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